I express myself artistically by creating hand-pulled prints, paintings, and drawings. I develop my images through studying and responding to the female form and to the shapes, textures, and forms of organic objects which I have collected over many years.
Land and sea, trees, water, birds’ eggs, nests, shells, sticks, leaves, blossoms, webs, stones, insects, fossils, and bones inspire me to draw, paint, and print. Through studying their unique forms I develop designs and abstractions. My images express personal feelings, beliefs, and relationships metaphorically. The female form and symbols of femininity have an important presence in my art.
I create atmosphere through the use of color and abstracted design. I paint and draw layered imagery in my prints, enhancing the interaction between opaque and transparent forms while juxtaposing simplicity with complication. Camouflage and the metamorphosis of forms intrigue me.

Delia Ware Keefe
Painter, Printmaker, and Book Artist 2019
Two Dog Studio